Endoscopic System

Reflux Testing

Zephr Detail 3

ZepHr® Impedance/pH Reflux Monitoring System

Reflux monitoring, whether pH or impedance/pH, is a one product solution for testing both acid and non-acid reflux. The recently updated ACG Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of GERD1 provide a simple, yet comprehensive reflux monitoring test selection algorithm. More

zephr with probe

ComforTec Probes

Gastroenterology probes from Diversatek Healthcare are the perfect choice for every application. Our pH and Impedance/pH probes are available in three sizes to meet a variety of esophageal lengths. More

Motility Testing

Esophageal HRiM

In one simple swallow test, the inSIGHT Ultima System accurately assesses esophageal function by combining bolus transit dynamics and muscular activity. More

Anorectal HRaM Pelvic Floor Evaluation & Retraining System

From Diversatek Healthcare’s adaptive inSIGHT System to BioVIEW Acquisition and Analysis Software, including SyncVIEW™ that provides a multi-dimensional view of every maneuver, finding the right solution for your diagnostic and retraining needs has never been easier. More

Zvu Diagnostic Software

You can now quickly assess and classify swallows with our unique swallow thumbnail bar. Visually stunning, pressure and impedance data with simplified control to customize views, color palettes and report templates. More