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Endoscopy Information System

EndoSoft® office applications are specialty specific and ONC-ATCB Meaningful Use Certified. From consent to discharge, EndoSoft offers procedure documentation, workflow management, reporting, image and video capture and management. Endosoft also offers fully integrated modules for nursing, pathology, anesthesiology, scheduling, practice management, inventory management and database query tools for reporting (GIQuIC). With EndoSoft, your administrative, business, clinical data and image management systems are fully integrated; giving you increased efficiency, cost savings and enhanced quality of care.

EndoSoft Procedure Documentation software is a specialty specific, fully customizable report, image, HD video and database management application.  With EndoSoft healthcare providers can accurately document each visit of a patient from consent to discharge.




ENDOCUFF is a revolutionary product designed to enhance colonoscopy in so many ways. Simply push the ENDOCUFF onto the tip of your colonoscope and as soon as you are performing a procedure you will enjoy the benefits.

The multi-award winning design features two rows of soft and flexible arms that constantly work in your favour. As you advance through the colon, the innovative patented hinges at the base of each arm pivot to allow free passage to the caecum. If a loop forms, simply withdraw the colonoscope shaft and the arms gently hold the tip in place. Each arm works independently to keep mucosa away from the viewing lens so no more redout.

Once at the caecum, the arms stretch the bowel lumen to deliver enhanced views of more mucosa which has the potential to increase your adenoma detection rate (ADR). Sudden slip back is prevented even at the hepatic flexure so you don’t waste valuable time re-advancing to get a better view.

Most adenomas and colon cancer are found in the sigmoid colon and this is where ENDOCUFF excels. The longer arms work hard to push open the lumen and stretch the folds so there is really no place for even a small polyp to hide.

Once a polyp is found then the ENDOCUFF holds the tip of the colonoscope in exactly the place you left it while you prepare for retrieval. If the polyp is only partially visible or difficult to access then simply use the arms to get the best position for complete excision.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that ENDOCUFF assisted colonoscopy significantly increases adenoma detection rates (ADR) and mean adenomas per patient (MAP).