Anesthesia, Operating Room and Emergency Room



Sharn Anesthesia Inc. is a name internationally recognized as a market leader and trusted supplier of anesthesia products.
Sharn offers much more than Temperature Indicators with a wide range of products for both the Anesthesia and Central Sterile departments.
Sharn rapidly became the market leader and continues today to lead with unique products such as Crystaline Moving Line, Crystaline ST and DermaTherm temperature indicators.
 We Provide:
Airway Management,    Laryngoscopes,     Temperature Management,   Patient Monitoring,     Anesthesia Essentials,     Instruments & Care,     Equipment.


Lutech Industries Inc. brings together innovative, cutting edge technology with cost conscious strategies. Affordable quality medical equipment that will allow providers to care for their patients the way they are meant to. Lutech’s wide array of medical devices range from monitoring devices, OB-GYN specialized products, surgical tools and laboratory equipment.

Quality Control Certifications: FDA, CE, TUV, IEC