Hospital Information Management System


*Hospital Information Management System (HIS)
*Laboratory Information Management System (LIS)
*Clinic Information Management System
*Pharmaceutical Tracking System
*Online Transaction System*General Practitioner Information System
*112 Emergency Service
*General Practitioner Information System
*Telemedicine*Ambulance Information System



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At iClinic our vision for healthcare is to simply create a system that can facilitate a healthy society. People interacting with a safe, efficient, consumer-friendly healthcare system are bound to perform their very best. Our full range of healthcare solutions address the fundamental processes necessary to support the delivery of patient care quality, improved revenue cycle management, and optimized clinical work flows. Our extensive experience in both healthcare and technology has helped us provide beyond ordinary results.
  • Truly a web based solution. Access and control your hospital and clinic from anywhere anytime.
  • Patient-centric and user friendly
  • Multilingual/Arabic support
  • Collaborative environment for doctors, nurses, radiographers, hospital administration/non-clinical staff
  • Specialized and advanced patient search facilities
  • Financial reports on single mouse-click
  • e-Prescriptions immediately dispatched to in-house or networked pharmacy
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry, CPOE
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities with calendar controls
  • Advanced Ward Management with specialized units including Critical Care, ICU, OR, etc.
  • Community Record – Unified Patient Record