Healthcare & Informatics Technology

Healthcare & Information Technology is an emerging avenue in healthcare that helps enhance operations in all aspects of healthcare management, by optimizing the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of information.

With a view to keep abreast with changing technologies and innovations, our Healthcare & Information Technology business unit caters to the technological needs of the healthcare industry. Combining our expertise and embracing industry best practices with comprehensive tools & methodologies, we deliver high impact and sustainable solutions.

Through the support of our partners, and our own expertise in this field, our Healthcare & Information Technology Software Solutions offering expands to offer comprehensive solutions in Communication, Tracking & Protection systems, Nurse Call systems and Clinical Information Systems. Through valued partnerships, with leading communication and technology companies like  Man & Machine, SealShield, Aeroscout, Hugs, Stanley Healthcare and  etc, we are able to offer customized premium as well as low-end solutions that cater to the needs of our customers and facilitate operations in hospitals and medical institutions.

Adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), coupled with in-depth industry knowledge and skill, our Healthcare Informatics & Technology unit has enhanced the functionality of leading Government and private hospitals across Levant and The Gulf.



A global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra provides enabling technologies that allow customers to take smarter actions. Zebra’s extensive portfolio of bar code, receipt, kiosk and RFID printers and supplies, as well as real-time location solutions give a digital voice to assets, people and transactions that provides greater visibility into mission-critical information
With ZEBRA you will improve the health of your information by easily and accurately producing barcode labels in your lab, pharmacy, materials management operations– even at the patient’s bedside. Strengthen safety and security with legible, barcoded patient wristbands and secure employee ID cards.
We Provide:
Bar code label Scanners for lab,  pharmacy,  patient’s bedside,  barcode patient wristbands  and  secure employee ID cards,  Receipt,  Kiosk and RFID printers,   Real-time location solutions.


Man & Machine, Inc. is an international provider of leading edge, infection control computer accessories focusing on medical, governmental, industrial, educational and general office environments.
Products include waterproof keyboards & mice, mobile keyboards for the RIM Blackberry, LCD privacy monitors and customized products to meet clients’ unique applications.
We Provide:
Hygienic sealed waterproof  Washable Keyboards & Mice,  Customized Medical & Industrial Keyboards


Medical Grade Antibacterial Protected Keyboards, Mice &   Smartcard Readers