ITs 4 HEALTH Healthcare Enterprise offers a vast array of innovative solutions and services to its diverse clientele to address the dynamic and complex requirements of the healthcare industry with the help of strategic and mutually productive partnerships with the finest brands worldwide.


* Patient Monitoring  &  Critical Care                                                      * Healthcare Informatics & Technology
* OR  Solutions                                                                                                    * Pediatrics
* Hospital  &  Patient Room Furniture                                                    * Radiology  &  Imaging  Solutions
* Infection Control                                                                                            * Mobile Computing Carts  &  Mounting Solution
* Hospital Information Management System                                      * Cardiology (CVIS)
* In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)                                                                         * Diagnosed Software
* Surgical Instruments                                                                               * Anesthesia, Operating Room  and  Emergency Room
* Hospital & Lab supply consumables and disposables                * Endoscopic System
* Hospital Equipment management Regulation Nomenclature      
          – Equipment Management Software
          –  Biomedical Benchmark
          – Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System
          – Alerts Tracker

Technical Support Services                                          Maintenance Management Solutions

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